Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

The New LumiPotti
Gillian Stewart, Monday, June 29, 2015

I am always interested to discover new products, particularly ones that will make life a little easier for you and your child. I have recently come across the LumiPotti.

I know from the many emails from mummies, that potty training is something you all dread.

I can certainly understand why! The very thought of accidents occurring anytime, anywhere. The worry of knowing that you will have to trust your toddler. It can just be all a bit too much to take on board.
This new potty with removable light could just make things a whole lot easier for your child.
Some children seem to take to potty training very easily. It doesn't bother them...they just get it. But for others it can be rather alarming and they can become anxious about having accidents and worry about bed wetting at night.

The LumiPotti can provide reassurance for them. The night light will give them confidence. They will be able to move through the stages of potty training without worrying.
Help your child to make the transition from nappies to pants easier. Trust them. Praise them. Give them the freedom and independence to become very clever little people.