Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

As Prince George Waits For His New Brother or Sister
Gillian Stewart, Monday, April 13, 2015

As Prince George waits for his new brother or sister to arrive, here are my tips for introducing a sibling to your new baby.

Make sure your new baby is in their pram or cot when you first introduce your older child. Cuddle your older child at this point to show that your baby hasn't taken over number one position.

Try to keep things as normal as possible.

When your baby is asleep spend time with your older child.

During feed time, explain what you are doing and let your child watch. You can look at books and read stories whilst feeding.

Talk to your child and answer questions appropriately.

Teach your child to be gentle around your baby.

Include your child as much as he or she wants to be included. Take your lead from your child.

 Never exclude your older child from being with you and your baby.

Older children can really enjoy helping and love doing little errands. Fetching a nappy or a toy. Helping to wash your baby. Passing something to Mummy.

Make sure you speak positively and make things as fun as you can.

Never leave your baby alone with your older child. One minute your child will love their sibling but the next minute he or she can be just a little over keen when giving a toy!

Children on the whole are very accepting. As long as you keep things as normal as you can, you will find that they will love having a baby sibling.
They will feel proud too, and show great concern and love for their baby brother or sister.
It is a wonderful time, so enjoy this very special time together as a family.