Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Baby’s Bath Time
Gillian Stewart, Saturday, October 25, 2014

During my baby preparation visits to expectant mothers, one question that keeps coming up is “how do I bath my baby?" I am often asked back to help with the first bath time.

Bath time plays a very important part in your baby's bedtime routine.

I recommend a baby support to be used in your main bath. This can be used from day one and leaves both your hands free to wash your baby. Other essentials are: baby sponges and flannels, towels, bath thermometer and a very gentle baby body wash.

Hold your baby under their bottom and around their arm when lowering your baby in and taking your baby out of the bath.
Never just hang your baby from under their arms. They will feel very insecure in this position and will only cry.

A very understandable concern is your baby’s cord and the cord clamp. Don’t worry about this. Just carefully wash the area and pat it dry afterwards.

Babies do not need a hair wash every day but they do need their hair brushed daily, even if they have very little hair. As well as making your baby look gorgeous, brushing stimulates the scalp and reduces the chance of cradle cap.

Babies are tougher than you think, so please don't worry about hurting them. No, you won't break their bones and you won't drop them!

There are many opinions on whether you should or should not bath your baby in the early days. My view is that it is fine. Babies generally love water. After all, they have just spent forty weeks swimming around inside you! Massage oil in your baby's skin afterwards. Babies can get very dry skin as their body is adjusting to life outside the womb. It will sort itself out but some lovely oil will help it along the way.

There is nothing nicer than a clean, sweet smelling baby, all warm and cosy and ready for bed.

It is about confidence in handling your baby and this will build each day. Having some support at the first bath time will indeed help you and very quickly you will be able to bath your baby on your own.

Bath time is fun for you as well as your baby.

Happy bath time!