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Baby's Changing Bag
Gillian Stewart, Thursday, August 20, 2015
This is an essential item on your list of 'what to buy' when you are having a baby!

However, as much as it's rather nice to have a pretty designer bag it is not necessary. Any small tote bag or large handbag is absolutely perfect but it is entirely your choice. Consider the size and how you will be carrying it. Will it hang safely from the pram handles?

What do you need in it? Well, I have the ideal list for you......

  • About six nappies together with baby wipes, nappy cream, nappy sacks and two disposable changing mats.
  • Antibacterial hand sanitiser and wipes.
  • A couple of bibs and muslin squares for feeding and mopping up!
  • Bottle fed babies....Two sterilised bottles and two small bottles of ready made formula.
  • For an older baby, a bottle or beaker with some water in, for a drink.
  • If you have weaned your baby, a food pouch, spoon and snack.
  • Breast pads, if you are breast feeding.
  • Feeding scarf, if you use one. Some mums do find that using one makes breast feeding in public a little more acceptable.
  • A complete change of clothes for your baby plus a cardigan. Sun hat in the summer and a warmer one for winter.
  • Small cotton cellular blanket.
  • A few little rattles and toys.
  • Bottle of water and a snack bar for yourself.
  • Your baby's red book. This carries all the information about your baby and is very useful to have with you at all times.

The bag should also be big enough to carry a few of your own personal items to save taking a handbag. After all, you do only have one pair of hands!

Remember to re stock the bag when you return home, so you are all ready to go out the next time.

Find a bag that you like, fill it up and take it everywhere you go with your baby!