Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Back To A Routine
Gillian Stewart, Friday, September 09, 2016
The summer holidays are over. The alarm clock is set and it's back to a routine!

Bedtimes and mealtimes tend to slip a little during the holidays. Now is the time to get 

back on track. No more snack meals on the go and no more late bedtimes.

Everyone needs to be fresh and energised to join in the classes and baby groups and 

cope with the thought of the long days ahead when it gets dark at 4pm!

Set the start and end of your baby's day and stick to it. Add in the regular good nap 

and feed times and you will find that your baby will slot back quite easily.

If your baby is still waking in the night and you are struggling for that undisturbed 

nights sleep, then do remember it is all about getting enough feeds in during the day 

alongside the right amount of sleep. A well fed and well rested baby is more likely to 

sleep all night, than a baby who is hungry and over tired.

Keep your energy levels up, so remember to eat well and rest when you can. Make 

some time just for you. As mummies we tend to end up right at the bottom of the 

priority ladder!

Enjoy the last warm summer sunshine with your little ones.