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Breastfeeding in Public
Gillian Stewart, Saturday, October 11, 2014

I continue to be outraged at the shame mothers are feeling by breastfeeding their babies in public. Breastfeeding couldn't be more natural.

I came across an article in a newspaper which prompted me to write this piece. If you would like the full newspaper article just let me know.

Breastfeeding can prove very difficult for some mothers and babies. It is a skill that has to be learnt.
Support in the early days is vital.

Mothers do need to feel they can get out and about with their baby. Cabin fever can soon set in and this in turn can lead to other problems.
Parenting is hard enough!

I understand that 'baring all' in public is not appropriate but breastfeeding can be achieved without causing any embarrassment to members of the public.
There are great feeding scarves that can be used. There is also the revolutionary breastvest.
Let's face it, people don't have to sit and stare.

I think the mum I have the most admiration for is the mum who unbeknown to everyone, except me and my keen eye, sat extremely relaxed feeding her baby during a performance at the pantomime. No, she wasn't hidden away at the back, but sat near the front with her other two children.

It can be done!

I'm not about to suggest that every mum needs to be quite so bold.
However, it would help their cause if mothers fed as discretely as possible and maybe found a corner in the coffee shop to sit and feed and not in the window!