Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Clocks Change On Easter Day This Year
Gillian Stewart, Sunday, March 13, 2016

At last January and February are over.

The long damp days with many coughs and colds about have made the days really miserable for some or you and your little ones. It may have been a relatively mild winter, with spring flowers getting totally confused but it is lovely to look forward to the proper spring and summer.

Before you get really excited at the prospect of warmer days and lovely fun days out, we have the little issue of the clocks going forward an hour!
Don't panic, moving to British Summer Time is a little easier than winter time. The clocks go FORWARD one hour on Sunday March 27th. This means later nights for your little ones until their body clocks adjust, rather than the 5am call you may have had back in October.

If you would like to help adjust your little one's body clock, then you need to move their routine BACK fifteen minutes every couple of days or so.
Start at least a week before and when you get to the Sunday morning your little one will wake at the correct time but more importantly go to bed at the right time.
Moving their routine back includes meal times as well as nap and bed times.
For a 7am-7pm routine you will be starting the day at 6am, on Saturday 26th and putting your baby to bed at 6pm. Then, when you move the clocks forward on Sunday morning...hey presto you have arrived at the magic 7am-7pm!

The Easter bunny will be waiting...Happy Easter!

I know it means an early start on the Friday and Saturday but just think about the lovely long evenings you will have on these days.

Book a babysitter and have an evening out. Enjoy!