Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

British Summer Time Ends
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yes, it's that time again...the summer is well and truly over and British Summer time ends.

Just when you have your baby into a nice routine you have to adjust the timings by an hour. On October 25th the clocks will go back an hour. This means that we gain an hour. It sounds lovely to think we can have an extra hour in bed but not so for those of you with babies and young children.
Don't worry, let me help you to make this time change as smooth as possible for you and your children. You will need to start about a week before the clocks go back and move your child's routine FORWARD by fifteen minutes every other day. If you are on a 7am to 7pm routine, you will be getting your child up at 8am on the 25th but as you will have put the clocks back when you went to bed on the 24th, it will be 7am..yay!

Monday, October 19th and Tuesday 20th, start the day fifteen minutes later at 7.15am. Bedtime is fifteen minutes later at 7.15pm.

Wednesday, October 21st and Thursday 22nd, start the day another fifteen minutes later at 7.30am. Bedtime is another fifteen minutes later too at 7.30pm.

Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, 24th, start the day another fifteen minutes later at 7.45 am. Bedtime is another fifteen minutes later too at 7.45pm.

Sunday, October 25th the day starts at 8am BUT you will have already put the clocks back one hour when you went to bed and so the time will be 7am. Hurray!

Move feeds, meal times and daytime naps forward by fifteen minutes every other day too.

If you feel that you able to start the moving process a few days earlier then so much the better but do remember it will affect any commitments you may have during the day time. Unfortunately baby groups won't be accommodating enough to be changing their times for you!

If your baby or child is on a slightly earlier or later routine, adjust the start and end of the day accordingly.

You will be the envy of your friends when your little one is awake at the right time and they are having the 6am wake up call!