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Celebrating 100 Years Of 'Daylight Saving'!
Gillian Stewart, Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrating 100 Years Of 'Daylight Saving'!

The rule is 'spring forward, fall back'. October 30th is the date to move the clocks back one hour. This means that summer time is officially over. At least it has been a lovely summer so we can't really complain.
Did you know that the tradition of changing the clocks started back in 1907? A London builder argued that the populations health and happiness would improve greatly by putting the clocks forward 20 minutes every Sunday in April and the opposite in September. He spent the rest of his life trying to convince people that his idea was a good one. It wasn't until 1916 that it was actually put in place. There have been several variations over the years but for the moment we have settled into the one hour difference.

This is all great but some babies and young children do find adjusting to the time difference rather difficult. You can help your little one by moving their routine gradually the week or so before.

Move day time timings FORWARD by fifteen minutes every couple of days. This includes the start of the day, meals, naps and bedtime. When it comes to moving the clocks BACK, your little one will have no problem waking at the right time.

The blackout blinds in the nursery are not so essential now but do still use them!

Try not to go into hibernation mode. Children don't mind going out in the dark or having walks in the cold and rain..

We might mind but they don't!