Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Children in Need
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Children in Need is the BBC's U.K. Charity.

Money raised goes to making a real difference to the lives of children in the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is safe, secure, happy and allows them the chance to reach their potential.
Since 1980, over £600 million has been raised.
There are hundreds of ways that we can all help support this wonderful charity.
Visit the Children in Need shop. Have fun with a pair of light up Pudsey ears.
Cook a Pudsey meal for your little one.
Lakeland are selling Pudsey pasta. These cute little bear shapes make a tasty meal for your little one.

Cook a simple tomato sauce by gently frying a small onion, adding a tin of tomatoes and a teaspoon of tomato purée. Cook thoroughly, cutting the tomatoes if they are whole. Add a little parsley for flavour.
Cook the pasta and then chop, mash or blend the pasta with the sauce depending on your baby/child. The pasta shapes can be given as finger foods too.
You can also add some steamed broccoli and other vegetables.

Delicious for the whole family!

Just a little reminder... never leave your baby alone during mealtimes, especially when they are feeding themselves.

Have fun and help Children in Need.