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Christmas Planning
Gillian Stewart, Friday, November 06, 2015

Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year!

I definitely saw Christmas things for sale in September. I don't know about you but I was still in summer mode then! I am an absolute advocate when it comes to planning ahead but this just seems a little too early, even for me!

As we have reached a more sensible time to think about Christmas, I really do suggest that you get ahead now. Start by making 'To Do' lists. I couldn't live without lists!

Order as much shopping online as you can. Why battle with the crowds and queues, when you can shop from the comfort of your own home? Babies and children hate shopping anyway!

If you are feeling inspired to do some home baking then why not make a start now and fill up the freezer with goodies for Christmas. However, there is no need to get carried away. Do you really need to impress your family and friends? Christmas is all about getting together and having fun, not about how much baking you have done.

Book an online food shop to arrive just a few days before Christmas. Have it delivered in the evening, when your baby is asleep, so you partner can help to unload it.

Christmas is a time for everyone to enjoy. Having a baby or young child doesn't mean you can't have fun too. After all, Daddy is around to be on 'Daddy duty' so at least you can spend a little time with your feet up!

Take the stress out of Christmas and start planning today with your first list.