Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Common Little Problems
Gillian Stewart, Saturday, April 28, 2018

Being a new mummy can be an anxious and worrying time. Your baby can present with various little problems that are actually quite normal and don’t require any worrying over.

Sticky Eyes - this condition is very common. It usually occurs when the tear ducts, which are very small in babies, become blocked. Use some cooled, boiled water and a cotton pad (not cotton wool because of the loose fibres) to wipe your baby’s eyes. Always wipe from the inside of the eye towards the outer edge, using a clean pad for each wipe. Breast milk contains antibodies which help with healing, so a few drops massaged gently into the corner of each eye can help.
This condition usually goes away quite quickly but if you find that your baby’s eyes become red and sore, then this could be an infection and would need medical advice.

Cradle Cap - babies are quite prone to this. It is unsightly but I do have a few tips to help prevent it. Brush your baby’s hair/head at least twice a day. Do this gently but firmly. It will help prevent the build up of dead cells and oils from the skin. Wash you baby’s hair/head regularly and rinse with clean water. Massage some oil regularly into your baby’s scalp, particularly if you see any signs of dryness and then wash and rinse well. Brush your baby’s hair/head afterwards.

Dry Skin, Baby Acne, Heat Rash, Spots etc - babies may at any time develop one or more of these little problems. They often disappear as quickly as they have appeared and you don’t need to do anything. As your hormones pass through your baby, little spots and rashes may occur on their face and body. Don’t worry as this is quite normal. If your baby’s skin looks particularly dry then you can use a safe oil or moisturiser but very often these things are best left alone. It can take more than a few days for your baby to get used to the outside world!

Hiccups - just about all babies will have hiccups at some point, usually during or after a feed. During pregnancy you may have felt your baby hiccuping inside you. Hiccups are nothing to worry about, even though they can seem quite violent in some babies. Most babies will happily settle whilst hiccuping but for some, you may just have to hold them and wait for the hiccups to pass. Continuing feeding can actually stop them!

There are always plenty of things to think about with your new baby and plenty of things that can worry you but these few things should not need any worrying about. 
Enjoy your baby!