Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Cot Bumpers
Gillian Stewart, Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It is a very exciting time planning and preparing the nursery for your new arrival.

The list is endless and so is the choice! Cot bumpers used to be high up on every new mummy's shopping list, along with the matching bedding. It is not the case anymore. Medical professionals are continually promoting safer sleep for babies. Padded cot bumpers pose a potential risk and therefore you are advised not to use them. However, you can now buy breathable mesh cot bumpers that are safe to use.

I attended the Baby and Toddler Show last week and came across the Monitor My Baby stand, selling a selection of breathable cot bumpers and toys.
The cot bumpers are fully adjustable to fit most cots and come in a range of designs and colours making them fun for your little one and you too!

The air pockets within the soft mesh help reduce the risk of suffocation and the dangers of rebreathing carbon dioxide. They also provide maximum airflow, reducing the risk of over heating.

Monitor My Baby sell a variety of other baby products including monitors, breathable bedding, toys and mattress protectors.

It is so important to keep babies safe whilst they are sleeping. Knowing your baby is safe will give you peace of mind and a good nights sleep too.