Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Is There An Ideal Age Gap Between Siblings?
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, May 06, 2015

As the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make their way home to Norfolk, I wish them well as they start life as a family of four. 

Prince George will love his baby sister Princess Charlotte. Being close in age they will have such fun growing up together.

I have been asked many times what the perfect age gap is between children. I have always suggested nearer three years. The older child can talk and understand. Potty training is long established. The move into a big bed has gone smoothly and life is really very civilised. The new baby just slots easily into the family routine and life goes on.

However, many mums have told me that when life is that civilised they can't imagine going back to three hourly feeds, constant nappy changes and night waking!

The ideal age gap is the one that suits you and your family. Life will always be challenging with children around.

If only we could plan babies that easily. What ever the age gap, you will cope. Older  children will learn to accept and love their sibling. Life will be full of fun, laughter and tears.

You will have more than enough love for all your children.