Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Overdressing your Baby in Winter
Gillian Stewart, Monday, November 24, 2014

The long warm summer has ended and the days are colder and shorter. A sure sign winter is on its way.

It is time to change your baby's wardrobe but don't panic! Babies are very warm little people so you will probably only need an extra layer. Of course if we have three foot of snow and minus ten degrees temperature it is different. Let's face it, that rarely is the case in this country particularly with global warming!

Our homes are warm and cosy so there is no need for jumpers and thick woolly garments indoors. Babies also hate feeling restricted.

Shops are warm places. If you have outdoor layers and blankets on your baby please remember to remove them when you enter the shops. You wouldn't keep all those layers on your baby in your home and shops are often warmer.

Never leave a baby unattended, sleeping with a hat on and always remove it when you are back home. Babies must never sleep at night with a hat on. Hats can easily slip down across the baby's face, which is dangerous, and they will also overheat very easily.

There have been many occasions when I have seen babies crying when out shopping. They are all bundled up in their prams and often have the rain hood over them. It is like being in a mini greenhouse, not to mention the fact that the crying is sending their body temperature up. This may be one of the reasons they are unhappy.

Over heating babies can be dangerous for them. So a little tip from me is to look at what you are wearing and use that as your guide. A hat, if cold, is probably the only extra layer your baby will wear and not you!