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Overheating Babies...The Potential Dangers
Gillian Stewart, Thursday, September 17, 2015

I happened to come across an article last month in The Times newspaper with the heading "Alarm over cot death increase".

This very sensitive and delicate topic is always difficult to approach. Having read that numbers have been steadily falling it is worrying that numbers, in certain areas, have now risen. Experts said that a possible cause could have been the cold spell in February and the extra blankets babies were sleeping under.
Unfortunately it still isn't completely clear as to why these very sad occurrences are happening. As we continue to teach parents good baby care practise, we do know that overheating babies is a cause for concern. Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature so we need to be very aware of the dangers and help them. Please look carefully at what you dress your baby in and note the temperature outside as well as in the home. A room thermometer may help you - they are easy to buy. Do not use too many layers at night and please think very carefully before sleeping in your bed with your baby, on or beside you, at night time.
It is so much safer to have your baby sleeping in their Moses basket or cot, on their own in your room, for the first few months.
If you are unsure as to what to dress your baby in during the day or night or if you just want piece of mind with any concerns, then please do contact me. I can help guide and reassure you.