Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November!
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, November 04, 2015

It is always lovely to have some family fun together and bonfire night seems an ideal opportunity to do just that.

I have listed five ways to stay safe with your little ones when it comes to bonfires and fireworks:

1. Babies and young children have extremely sensitive ears. Protect their ears from the loud noises with earmuffs or baby ear plugs.

2. Attend an organised firework display and keep well back from the roped off area. There may be a child friendly firework display near you, so do a little research beforehand.

3. Avoid sparklers with small children. Although they look very pretty they do get extremely hot.

4. If you are taking a small baby out with you, a baby carrier would be ideal. Your baby will feel safe and secure against the warmth of your body.

5. Keep your children warm and dry if the weather is wet and cold. Don't stay out too late. It is often better to leave whilst everyone is happy rather than stay until the end when  children are getting cold and tired.

Ooh, ahh...enjoy the fireworks but keep safe!