Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Spring Sunshine Is Here
Gillian Stewart, Thursday, April 09, 2015

How wonderful it is to have some gorgeous spring sunshine. Lovely walks, playing in the garden, outings and picnics to enjoy.

However, please do remember how strong the sun is. Your baby's skin is very sensitive. It is important to keep your baby out of the direct sun where ever possible.

So, it is time to make some spring purchases for your baby.

A floppy sun hat with a brim is essential. Some babies don't like wearing a hat but try to distract your baby to avoid it being pulled off!

Cooler clothing for daytime wear. Just have an extra layer at hand to pop on your baby if needed, as it can still be cool in the shade.

High factor suncream, for use if your baby is over the age of six months. Your baby's skin is too sensitive for suncream in the first six months.

A sunshade for your pram and pushchair. You can buy a SnoozeShade which provides UPF 50+ protection.

Removable mesh screens for the car windows. Cars do get very hot when the sun is beating down on them. Your baby does not need to wear lots of layers when travelling in the car.

Cabin fever has passed, enjoy going out and about with your little one!