Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Sterilising and Hygiene for your Baby
Gillian Stewart, Monday, May 11, 2015

Milton has been protecting babies from harmful germs for sixty eight years.

I am often asked why we need to sterilise bottles and baby feeding equipment and indeed why we even need to use anti bacterial hand sanitisers.

Babies under the age of twelve months old have very immature immune systems and they are therefore more vulnerable to catching infections.

Milk is also the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Even though older babies maybe putting things in their mouths and crawling around, there is more chance of them picking up infections through unclean feeding equipment than a toy on the floor.

Care should be taken to thoroughly clean and sterilise all your baby's feeding equipment, including breast pumps, up to the age of one year.

Wash your hands and use antibacterial hand sanitiser before preparing feeds and after nappy changes.

Keep all feeding surfaces and nappy changing areas clean using antibacterial spray.

There are many sterilisers and cleaning solutions on the market. Milton have a range of hygiene products for your baby and home.

Antibacterial surface spray for use around the whole home. Handy wipes, particularly useful for travelling and keeping in your baby's changing bag.

Perfect size hand sanitisers to have dotted around your home and very useful when out and about.

The new portable soother steriliser is a great little gadget. It sterilisers dummies on the go...perfect solution to the problem of how you clean your baby's dummy when out and about. We all know babies love to throw their dummies on the ground. It's a great game!

Milton also offer several sterilising options. Before purchasing, choose which method suits your needs and also consider space in your kitchen.

Hygiene is important. Sterilising is important.

Keep your precious little baby safe.

For more information and help on sterilising and hygiene do please contact me.