Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Surviving Christmas with your Baby
Gillian Stewart, Thursday, December 04, 2014

Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun with your family. It is also a time when stress levels rise, as you try to keep everyone happy.

If you have a young baby to cope with, as well as extra family members and friends, it is really important to try to keep to your baby's usual routine as much as possible.

It is never worth putting your baby to bed later. Your baby will still wake at the same time but just be more tired and probably a bit grumpy the next day.

Plan your day as much as you can around your baby's nap times and feeds. This way you will feel more relaxed and in control. If your baby sleeps well in the evening, think about having your main meal then, when you can relax and enjoy it more.

If an early lunch works better then plan your meal for this time.

Plan ahead and be as prepared as you can.

Book the online food shopping delivery date now. Order the turkey. Freeze ahead as much food as you can. There is always the option to buy prepared food to make your life easier. Once in a while it really doesn't matter. Never feel guilty!

Do as much online gift shopping as you can. The shops are so busy at this time of the year and manoeuvring a pram around can be a nightmare. People are not always so willing to hold doors open for you.

Have all the presents wrapped and labelled. You can do a few at a time. Your baby might like to watch you. The paper makes a lovely sound.....

Accept as much help as you can. Many hands make light work!

Of course if you get invited out for the day, the worry of all the food shopping and cooking is left to someone else!

Time your journey so your baby can sleep in the car.

At the end of the day you can leave after your baby's bath and feed. Just pop your baby into bed when you get home.

Alternatively you can put your baby to bed for the evening and return home in time for the dream feed.

 Moses baskets or travel cots are very easy to pack to take with you.

You can use these timings for toddlers and older children too. Just transfer them into their beds as quietly and swiftly as you can, when you return home.

 Enjoy the festive time. Do the clearing up can wait.
Take lots of pictures and then when you have some time, you can make a photo book of your baby's first Christmas. A wonderful memory to have.

Happy Christmas!