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Ten Items You Didn't Know You Needed For Your Newborn Baby
Gillian Stewart, Tuesday, June 28, 2016

There are endless baby products on the market and it is very easy to end up buying things you don't really need. However there are a few things that you might not think you need but trust me, they will make a real difference.

1. Hairbrush. Regardless of the amount of hair your baby has, you should brush your baby's hair daily to stimulate the scalp. This reduces the risk of cradle cap.

2. Bath support/chair. A wonderful invention making bath time safe and fun.

3. Small flannels. Some babies can feel quite exposed and vulnerable with no clothes on. These are great for putting behind your baby's head in the bath chair and also for covering their tummy at bath time, to make them feel secure.

4. Dimmer switch/low wattage light bulb. Perfect for evening and night feeds.

5. Clock. Guessing feed times is impossible, especially when breastfeeding. Have a small clock in the room whilst feeding, so you can easily just glance up at it.

6. Blackout blinds. Absolutely essential in your bedroom and your baby's room...summer and winter.

7. A second changing mat. Keep this in the bathroom for bath time. You only have one pair of hands and trying to carry the changing mat from the nursery to the bathroom whilst holding your baby, is not much fun.

8. Bag or basket. Ideal for carrying everything you will need for the night time. Saving endless trips up and down the stairs.

9. Selection of first toys, books and musical items. Babies from a very young age will enjoy the stimulation during wake times.

10. Easy view car seat mirror. Perfect for seeing your baby when you are travelling in the car. Angle it so you can see your baby, through the car rear view mirror, whilst you are driving.

Please contact me for my comprehensive baby list. I also offer a baby preparation day service. This comes with lots of advice, tips and samples of what to buy for your new baby and for yourself too. We can talk through how best to set the nursery out and what to expect in the early days and weeks after your baby is born.

It is such an exciting time so enjoy shopping but don't leave it too late. Babies come when they want and not necessarily when you want them to!