Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

The Christmas festivities are over and it is back to routine!
Gillian Stewart, Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Too much excitement, late nights and early wake up calls have probably meant that 

routines have slipped slightly. Nip any little problems in the bud by sorting them out 


Don't worry, you can get back on track!

Remember the twelve hour day and twelve hour night. Start each day around 7am and 

end it around 7pm. Late nights don't mean a lie in, more often an earlier start and a 

tired baby.

I expect it has been difficult sticking to the timings over Christmas so make sure that 

you start clock watching again.

Make all feeds really good feeds, by keeping your baby awake during feeding time.

Don't be fooled if your baby noddles off after only a few minutes of feeding.... it is just 

too cosy and warm but your baby needs a nice full tummy in order to sleep well.

Good daytime naps are essential for a good nights sleep but no long late 

afternoon sleeping!

Perhaps there have been a little too many cuddles and rocking to sleep from other 

family members and friends over Christmas. Get back to leaving your baby to self 

settle in their own pram/Moses basket or cot. Don't worry about a little cry when you 

pop your baby down to sleep. Some babies need a little shout to go off to sleep. Just 

keep an eye on them and soothe with your hand if necessary, rather than picking them 


Be positive, consistent and relaxed with your baby.

Keep everything nice and calm and your baby will soon be back on track.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and lots more sleep!