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Travelling On Holiday With Your Baby
Gillian Stewart, Monday, July 06, 2015

The very idea of a holiday sounds so appealing but with a young baby it does sound more like hard work, rather than a holiday.

However, travelling with a young baby is so much easier than travelling with an older baby who is crawling or even travelling with a busy little toddler.
Young babies are happy being fed and cuddled and don't need much entertainment at all. They are usually happy to sleep anywhere.
So be brave and venture away from home. A break will recharge your batteries and you will return relaxed and refreshed.

When choosing a destination and accommodation just make sure that it is baby friendly.
Very often they will provide equipment making packing easier for you, although you will still feel that you are going away for a year!

If you are planning to travel by plane, time your baby's feeds so you are feeding on take off and landing. Sucking and swallowing will stop your baby having painful ears. Don't worry if your baby snacks during the flight. You will be able to get back on track once you have arrived at your destination.

Pack everything you will need for the flight and an overnight stay, in your hand luggage. Airlines have strict rules about liquids so if you are bottle feeding take measured quantities of powered formula and then ask for some freshly cooled boiled water.
You will find that you can change your baby's nappy on your lap or on the seat next to you if it is empty, so don't worry about queuing for the toilet.

Travelling by car or train is less restrictive. You can take the pram on the train making it easier for naps. You can even change your baby in the pram.
By car means you can travel at a time that suits you and stop anytime.

Be prepared. This way you will feel more relaxed and able to enjoy your time away. Pack convenient travel or disposable items to make things easier for you, after all this is your holiday. Remember the insect net, SnoozeShade, black out blinds and a bottle of baby paracetamol.

Keep to your baby's routine where possible but don't worry too much. You will find your baby will slip back into the routine once you are home.

Think about yourself. Drink lots of water to keep yourself rehydrated. Eat well and rest when you can. Relax and enjoy yourself. This is not just a holiday for baby and Daddy; it's a holiday for you too!

Take lots of photos.  

Happy holidays!