Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Troubleshooting Nannies
Gillian Stewart, Thursday, February 19, 2015

A very good friend of mine has emailed me an article from The Times newspaper, dated February 9th, as she thought it would interest me.... “It's £200 for a good night's sleep as new parents hire 'troubleshooter' nannies”. Indeed it does interest me and has prompted me to write this.

As many of you will know having met me or read articles I have written, I do keep harping on about how parenting isn't easy! Just because you have had a baby doesn't mean you know what to do, nor should you be expected to.

It is made all the harder these days as the stay in hospital after delivery is barely twenty-four hours. Midwives and health visitors are unable to visit at home daily. When they do visit, they are often tight on time and have the regulation paperwork to complete, leaving little time for help and support.

It is expected that you make the journey out to the baby clinics. An often impossible task as you are utterly exhausted. Juggling feed and nap times with a new baby and maybe a toddler in tow, can be enough to tip you over the edge.

Oh how I wish everyone could be entitled to two weeks live in help after the birth of their baby.
Family members are often too busy themselves, live too far away or are just not up to date with little ones anymore. This leaves new mothers fending for themselves.

There is so much information on hand. Ideas and ways of doing things differ hugely. As a new parent where do you begin? You find yourself moving from one method or idea to another and then another, ending up totally confused and doubting everything you do. Not to mention a very confused little baby!

I agree that ‘troubleshooter night nannies’ are a godsend if you want a good night's sleep. However, a stranger coming into your home at night time can be unsettling for you and your baby. Different ways of handling, feeding and settling your baby, when you are hopefully sleeping unaware of how the night is going, isn't always a good long term solution. Often these nannies have a day job too and must surely be extremely tired. An occasional night for you to sleep, is how you should view it, in my opinion.

I always say that what goes on at night with your baby depends so much on what has gone on during the day. I will always spend the day with a family to see what the baby's routine is and discuss the concerns with the parents. This is vital to build up a picture before I would then move in at night. It is amazing how many little things can be 'tweaked', which will make all the difference to a good night's sleep.

Troubleshooter nannies can be used for any number of problems you may be facing with your baby. Rather than struggling through, expert help is on hand to guide you through these times.
An email or telephone call to me can help with problems you and your baby may be facing and turn your life around.

The more traditional maternity nurse can give you the continuity and reassurance over a number of days and weeks. It proves far better value for money. She will help, advise, support and show you how to care for your baby. She will support you with the feeding and help you set a good feeding/sleeping routine, getting your baby well on the way to sleeping through the night and so avoiding many problems later on.

It doesn't have to be for months. A couple of weeks support will make a huge difference to you and your family.

This service is not just for the overly wealthy London families! I can assure you I have worked for a great many families who just want to learn and have some support in the early days to build up their confidence and be able to really enjoy their little babies.

So often a mother or mother-in-law will give this help, as a gift.
What a wonderful gift to receive as a new mummy. Just knowing someone is there, leaving you to rest and enjoy your new baby with complete peace of mind.